Head of Labs

Ethan Frey

Visionary in figuring out how to channel tech. Ethan Frey graduated with honors from Caltech, with concentrations in distributed system design and neurobiology. After 2 years working in the SF dot-com bubble, he left the tech scene in search of more meaning, and spent the next years involved in permaculture, organic farming, and environmental and anti-war activism. Appalled by Bush’s government and his reelection, he eventually left the country, ending up in Berlin in 2007, where he has lived for over 10 years.

He resumed programming full-time in 2009, but his interest in blockchain began in 2014, when an acquaintance presented him the idea of scaling up local currency systems with a distributed ledger. This idea led him to explore a bunch of then nascent platforms, eventually discovering Tendermint and the Cosmos whitepaper in 2016. Since then he has worked full-time on blockchain projects. Notably, building out the cosmos-sdk, light-client proofs, and an IBC whitepaper for Cosmos in 2017; building a new go sdk from the ground up and complete pure-typescript solution for building tendermint dapps for IOV in 2018; and most recently working with Regen Ledger and creating a custom smart contract platform integrated with the cosmos-sdk technology to solve real-world problems.