Head of Product

Martin Worner

Martin Worner an environmental studies graduate, had a 10-year journey through finance and technology working at UBS and Morgan Stanley before moving to the rural North of England for quality of life. Missing the fast pace of change of technology in financial institutions Martin set up a company to provide technology and banking expertise to the investment banks around the world while being based in a rural market town. Martin had the idea that others would appreciate the work and the setting, the company grew over the years to 42 people. After sixteen years of running the company, Martin decided it was time to move on and make space for the team to take the company to the next chapter and gave the company to the staff, many of who had been with him for years.

After a spell at a consultancy, Martin became involved in the blockchain and had a very ambitious plan to restructure capital markets and move the key elements to the blockchain and radically reduce the chain of intermediaries while maintaining robustness. This project folded when it became apparent how large the project was. The next step was a short spell at a Hedge Fund figuring out how to tokenise alpha returns and then moved to IOV where Martin defined the MvP and worked with the tech team to build the blockchain. It was at IOV where Martin began to explore governance models and how organizations are structured.

Moving to Custodigit, Martin worked on the flagship custody product, Cvault, which delivers hosted custody of Digital Assets for institutions and integration to trading, and banking platforms in a product role.

Confio saw Martin reunited with Ethan and Simon developing the governance ideas into Proof of Engagement, and Decentralised Social Organisations, in summer of 2020 the ideas behind Tgrade were formed and the team decided to launch a chain dedicated to DeFi with the governance frameworks to allow institutions to comply with the regulations in their local jurisdiction