Head of Engineering

Simon Warta

Simon Warta studied mathematics and computer science and developed an interest in cryptography. Right after university he co-founded the privacy startup Kullo. At Kullo he worked on protocol design of a secure communication solution and built production quality software for desktop and mobile, always striving for the best UX under the constraints that come with securely encrypted data.

He came into blockchain looking for an alternative to proof of work, which he found in the Lisk and Tendermint proof of stake implementations. As an independent contributor at Lisk he fixed a bug that caused a network halt and later discovered and responsibly disclosed a critical transaction malleability bug in Lisk and its forks. As a senior software developer at IOV, he developed the multi blockchain library IOV Core and developed an atomic swap specification. Later he was overseeing the company’s overall technology stack and worked on launching a name service on a Tendermint-based blockchain in 2019.