Confio is an innovative force

in developing blockchain technology, decentralized business models and in re-thinking finance


Key contributor to Tgrade

building a secure, regulatory friendly, decentralised finance platform.


Key contributor to CosmWasm

A smart contract engine and an important part of Cosmos infrastructure were built by Confio.

Team story

We are battle hardened engineers, entrepreneurs, and experts in our field spanning blockchain, cryptography and finance. We met at another blockchain company where we built and deployed a blockchain, we know how to deliver it is in our blood. Where it comes to innovation we are pushing what is possible in technology, governance, and finance.

Join us

Join a team of innovators pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology, governance, and finance. We are a key contributor to Tgrade which is on a mission to adapt DeFi to become regulation friendly. The ambition to do this pushes the boundaries of governance, deep thinking about local regulations in the context of a decentralized platform, harnessing blockchain technology to innovate in finance and the transfer of value, and a desire for continuous improvement of the underlying technology. We are looking for people to join us on this journey.

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